Episode 15: Jason Hehir and the making of “The Last Dance”.

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Join me and my good friend , Jason Hehir, 7 time Emmy Award winner for his documentaries including “The Last Dance” with Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls, as we talk about his career. You’ll hear about the challenges of making a documentary like this, how it came to be the most viewed documentary in ESPN history and what other players had to say. Scotty Pippen, Karl Malone, Isaiah Thomas to name just a few. We also touch on his documentary about the Michigan Wolverines “The Fab Five” and how Chris Webber failed to participate after repeated efforts and even an acceptance to contribute but declined. His former teammates, like Jalen Rose, would love to have him clear the air regarding the incidents that took place while they all played together. This is one fabulous discussion I think you’re going to really enjoy. I can certainly tell you I did. I look forward to your comments.

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Episode 15