Episode 21: Steve Sands of NBC Golf talks courses and players from his 20+ years of covering the sport.

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Today’s show is a little different in that it’s not often as a Sportcaster you can actually talk about “playing” the sport your talking about. Right? I mean, I can’t go tell you what’s it like to play in Wrigley Field or on the floor at Boston Garden or even in Sacramento at Golden One Center. You can be a super fan and get really close to the action but really, that’s it. You’re not going to go out there and play the sport the way the pros do it. But golf is different. You can play Pebble or Augusta or St. Andrews. You can experience the same course the pros play. You could actually even play the course with a pro and thanks to handicapping, hold your own. Steve Sands has not only covered the greatest golfers of the last 20 years, and yes, we’ll talk about Tiger Woods, but he’s also played the same courses. So we’re going to have some fun talking golf today. We’ll talk about players, we’ll talk about courses and we’ll talk about the future of the sport as technology has found it’s way to alter play. And maybe not in a great way. But you’ll have to listen to hear what Steve has to say about that. If you like the sport, you’ll love the conversation today. Join us.

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Episode 21