Episode 22: Let’s talk NBA shall we?

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So I want to talk a little bit about what’s buzzing in the NBA. Maybe they’re losing a little control. Look at Harden of the Houston Rockets. ESPN did a story this week and it basically said what I’ve been ranting about with Harden. And there’s the Greek Freak Supermax deal. I’ll get into a little more detail than I touched on in the rant yesterday. And then there’s The Athletic’s ranking of team ownership. Guess who came in dead last? The Sacramento King’s Vivek Ranadive. Worst owner in the NBA. What’s the constant with lower ranked ownership? Losing teams. Hiring the right people and letting them do their jobs is what generally leads to winning teams. This is true in all sports, not just basketball. So we’ll talk a little about that and then it’s a big crowd question today. I’m going to get to answer a lot of the questions that have been coming in. Yours may be one of them. And you’re going to love the rant since it comes from a listener today. All this and more in today’s show.

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Episode 22