Episode 33: Eric Byrnes baseball career may have ended but this guy is all over it doing great things.

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Major League Baseball’s Eric Byrnes sure is passionate about his projects. You’ll hear that come through loud and clear today as we have a conversation about all he’s doing right now and this boy is busy! He’s launched a non-profit entity called “The Let Them Play Foundation”, has a podcast, a fitness program and now, “No Filter Network” doing some unique approaches to disrupt the traditional broadcast way of listening to sport play-by-play. You have to hear him tell his story with all the emphasis and energy only he can bring to the table.

Today also marks the 1 year anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s death. I’m compelled to recognize the date and share my memories of what I was doing, where I was and who I was with on this day one year ago. It’s still so very hard to believe.

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Episode 33