Episode 38: How a kid from Clovis named Mike Lamb went on to support NFL players with “Hall of Fame Health”.

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If you’re from Sacramento this is a name you’ll recognize as Mike Lamb was my co-host for several years. Not only is he a dear friend but he’s also got some great stories and he’s doing some incredible work. Our conversation today is not only about his time playing ball at USC but his relationship with Oakland Raiders Al Davis, the players that came from that era and his current endeavors to bring awareness to the mental health aspect of the game. His stories will bring a different perspective of the sport that we both love and his passion now with his involvement in “Hall of Fame Health” that works to support players with health issues as a result of football related injuries. Head trauma and concussion protocols have and will continue to change sports in the future. We have a candid discussion today about a variety of things that I think you’ll find entertaining, informative and, in some ways, helpful as you may be considering sports for you children. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed the conversation.

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Episode 38