Episode 48: Has NFL free agency forever destroyed team dynasties?

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Let’ s talk about some of those dynasties and the players that made them. These were guys that made the team what it was and, in many cases, played out their careers with the same team. If you were a kid with a player’s jersey, you could proudly wear that jersey with confidence that number was going to be with you for a long time. Think about the teams that fit the bill with multiple hall of famers before free agency. Raiders, Steelers, Dolphins. Those were dynasties. Not so much today…or ever again. The game has changed and I, for one, miss the comfort of knowing all the players on my team for multiple years. Will I still watch, you bet. With the same enthusiasm and zeal for the teams, not so much. I think you’ll agree with me . I look forward to your comments.

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Episode 48