Episode 51: San Francisco 49ers make some interesting trade moves.

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So the San Francisco Forty Niners wrangle their way to a number three draft pick and we know that’s going to be a quarterback, right? Then what? Does Jimmy Garappolo somewhere else? Kyle Shanahan is on the hot seat with regard to his decision… that he hasn’t even made yet! This is a no win situation for whomever it is they decide since it’s never going to be perfect. But, c’mon, give it a rest and let the team do their thing and then see where it goes. Let’s talk about quarterbacks for a minute too. And then a few other teams, like the Miami Dophins and what their prospects look like too. I suggest we’re going to see a lot of movement of quarterbacks come next season. Where? Cant say, don’t know but a lot is going to be going on. I’m also going to make a few comments on this whole sports betting situation as well. Is this really a good thing overrall? Hmmm. Think about it.

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Episode 51