Episode 55: The “Double Standards” in professional sports are becoming a regular occurrence.

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So it’s not enough for calls to go one way some of the time and that same play get a different call another time. Or that same infraction or that same use of a word, or a slur or a racist comment. On the Master’s this weekend, just the sheer fact that it’s being played in Georgia after Major League Baseball pulled its’ All Star game from Atlanta is a double standard as golf turns its’ head the other way. Or is it MLB that turned its’ head from the fans and businesses in Atlanta? How about all the comments referencing Tiger Woods during and after the Masters and his situation with the accident? Think it would have been any different if that were you or me? You know it would have been. How about Kevin Durant’s comments on social media and his responses? Or Kyrie Irving just choosing to not show up with no consequences? I’m also going to touch on the advantages of anonymity that I’ve been fortunate enough to experience and why I think there’s value in that sometimes. Hear all this, plus your questions to me in the crowd questions Q&A. You’ll leave with some things to think about today.

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Episode 55