Episode 63: Officially Perfect.

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So you’re watching a game, it’s down to the last call of the game, name your sport, and the official makes a clearly bad call. Personal foul, pass interference, offsides, you name it. He/she gets berated by the fans, screamed at, harassed and everyone leaves angry. Their jobs are tough, they’re not going to be perfect. As a matter of fact, sit down for this one, they’re human. That speaks volumes itself. And one of those officials I respect and consider a friend is Tony Brown. He has just announced he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and has begun treatment. Now, are there bad officials out there. You bet. For Sacramento Kings fans you only have to mention Game 6, Lakers, 2002. Enough said. But my point today is to recognize they are, for the most part, consummate professionals doing their job and doing it to the best of their ability. They’re upset at calls they make that are wrong, just like when a player may blow a pass, or drop a pass or jump offsides. They do take their work personally. They do take it seriously. But like you and me, they’re also human. Some have young children, others have family needs at home. Just like you and I do. So as you’re watching your next game and the officiating is bad, remember, they make mistakes too. It’s fine to get angry and frustrated and even pissed off but let it go after the game. If officials will never be perfect. And if you get a chance, send some good thoughts to a good guy and good official, Tony Brown. Like every other human in pain, he could use a little hope and something positive right now.

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Episode 61