Episode 64: Heart over height. Spud Webb is proof.

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Grant Napear

Former Sacramento Kings and Atlanta Hawks star Spud Webb is my guest today. Not only is he a former star of the game, he’s also been a friend for over 30 years. We talk stories of old and Spud’s playing days as well as catch up on what he’s doing today in Dallas. Not one to mince words, you’ll also get his perspective on today’s players vs players from 20-30 years back. You may be surprised at what he has to say. But the biggest surprise comes when you hear his accomplishments and scratch you head as to how a guy only 5’6″ could have been so competitive in a league of players over a foot taller. Not to mention that slam dunk capability of his too. He also has an opinion on that as well. Join us. I think you’re going to have some laughs.

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