Episode 65: Great golf talk with Damon Hack of the Golf Channel.

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Grant Napear

We met in Sacramento when Damon Hack was working for the local paper, the Sacramento Bee. But from there his career has blossomed to Sports Illustrated and Newsday and The New York Times and we’ll learn the story of how he ended up at The Golf Channel. You’ll learn about his passion project, Goats and Grapes, we’ll talk about golf play, players and the future of the sport. What golf discussion would be complete without a conversation about Tiger Woods? We go there as well and talk about other star players including Rory Mcllroy, Bryson De Chambeau and more. And if you’ve ever played, seen or wished you played St. Andrews old course, we’ll talk about our experiences there. An honest, no BS guy, Damon shares his reality of what he sees as the future of the game, the players and the experiences we can come to expect. Golfer or not, you’ll enjoy the conversation.

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