Episode 67: My Top 5 Greatest NBA Broadcasters.

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I love this. I’m going to share with you my top five picks for best NBA broadcasters. You may agree with me or not but I’ll give you backup and observations on why I chose who I chose. I’ll give you a few in my notes here. #4) Joe Tait…”Have a good night everybody.” #3 Bill King…think about this, he called the A’s games, the Raiders games and the Warriors games. “Holy Toledo!” And he’s a recipient of baseball’s highest honor for broadcasters, the Ford C. Frick award. How about #5? Al McCoy. The radio broadcast voice of the Phoenix Suns since 1972. Yeah, that says 1972! He’s the longest tenured NBA announcer with 49 years on the air for the same team. And, for all you load management folk, Al has only missed, get this, one game in the entire 49 years. One. That’s suiting up and coming to play every day. “Shazam!” Play along and see if you can figure out who I have at the top. You can probably get there on your own but you’ll have to listen to find out who it really is. And let me know yours. Hit me up on twitter or comment on YouTube. @grantnapearshow

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