Episode 68: Tony Bruno, ESPN, FOX and local radio broadcaster talks frankly and candidly about his career.

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The Grant Napear Show
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Grant Napear

A 50 year career in the sports broadcasting industry with stints at ESPN, FOX and Sirius XM, Tony Bruno has seen it all. Today we talk about the challenges young broadcasters face, the challenges current broadcasters face and the experience and maturity to to what you believe is the right thing. Tony’s career saw him share microphones with the likes of Keith Oberman and Charlie Steiner. Certainly iconic sportscasters of their time. We reminisce, we lament and we look to the future of the industry in a candid discussion from two guys who have put it all out there and taken some lumps for it. This is a high energy discussion I really think you’re going to enjoy. Especially if you’re from Philadelphia!

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Episode 64