Episode 72: The most popular sports voice in Connecticut, Joe D’Ambrosio.

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Grant Napear

Former Voice of the UConn Huskies basketball teams, yes both men’s and women’s, ESPN radio host and so much more, Joe D’Ambrosio joins the podcast. How many sportscasters can claim to have called both winning teams in one year for both men’s and women’s basketball? I think none. Not to mention an incredible career that spans collegiate sports, professional baseball and football and stories from years of experience with some of the greatest players and coaches of all time. And yes, Joe share some of those stories with us today. Some surprises on his favorites from his UConn days, his praise for the dynasty Geno Auriemma has built with women’s basketball and a little bit of sports talk on our favorite teams and memories. A legendary voice in a region of the country that claims several city’s teams as their own, we laugh and compare notes on players we loved and plays they made. You’re going to enjoy the passion and enthusiasm Joe brings to the discussion today.

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