Episode 75: Karma comes a knockin’ in the NBA.

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There’s an old song by the “Lovin’ Spoonful” called “Do You Believe In Magic”. I say we start singing it with the word Karma replacing the word Magic. Well, maybe you do, maybe you don’t but consider this… and I’ll go much more in-depth than what you’ll get in the notes today but here are the facts:
-Rick Carlisle bashes Atlanta for firing Head Coach Lloyd Pierce and Atlanta goes on to win and find themselves deep in the playoff hunt. Rick Carlisle on the other hand led the Dallas Mavericks right out of the playoffs with some dramatic failures and finds himself out of a job. Karma in my mind.
-Kyrie Irving. Karma? He’s out with a bad ankle, can’t play and his tea m loses to the Milwaukee Bucks. I think Karma came aroumd.
-James Harden. Too bad about that hamstring but no-matter what, healthy or not, nobody should have gotten too excited because he chokes it up in the big games and doesn’t make the commensurate contribution that’s necessary when you really need him.
And I have to make a comment on Kevin Durant. He did leave it all on the court the last few games. Great to see him acknowledge the Milwaukee players as well at the end of a difficult and very exhausting effort. That was professionalism and a true sportsman. Good to see. Join me for the conversation as I think you’ll learn a little, laugh a little and leave with a little bit of a different perspective. Let me know what you think about Karma as well. You can leave a message on my Apple Podcast in the comments section, reach me on Twitter with @grantnapearshow or comment on my YouTube channel. I would love to hear what you think.

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