Episode 77: Mark Boyle, long time voice of the Indiana Pacers shares some stories.

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Mark Boyle has seen quite a bit in Indianapolis during his 33 years as the voice of the Pacers. To name just a few, he was broadcasting when the fights broke out during what became known as the “Malice in the Palace”. He’s seen a myriad of coaches weave their way through the town including Larry Byrd and Nate McMillan. We’ll talk about some of the high profile players like Reggie Miller and Ron Artest. We even touch on the sport itself and if the NBA is in need of a refresh. Is the three point shot taking something away from the game? The city of Indianapolis, the vibrancy of its’ core, its’ sports teams and successes… including some of the reasons it is the way it is. I feel like I got a bit of a history lesson about the state and the city. I think you’re going to enjoy our conversation.

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