Episode 83: Bob Rathbun, TV voice of the Atlanta Hawks tells his story.

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Bob Rathbun has been doing the Atlanta Hawks for 25 years on television as the voice of the team. But his story began at the age of 12. Yes, 12. That’s when he was at the local radio station running errands and learning the craft. You have to hear his first on mic broadcast story to really get a grasp of how this man has grown his career. And what a career it’s been. He’s a motivational speaker, sportscaster, former voice of the Detroit Tigers. He’s done baseball, football, hockey and of course basketball and he has a unique perspective on what Nate McMillan has been able to do in Atlanta as well. He’ll share his relationship with Dominique Wilkins and some personal, retrospective observations from his many years in the industry. This is a show, you’ll not want to miss.

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