Episode 86: Jim Peterson’s story is truly about heart.

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Former NBA player, Minnesota Timberwolves announcer for since 1998 and a heart disease survivor, Jim Peterson shares his incredible story about his first heart attack that could have ended up very differently had he not listened to what the doctor ordered. It’s an important message for us that you’ll want to heed. But that’s just the beginning. This is a discussion with a broadcaster yes, but a former player as well. And Jim played during an era of phenomenal players like Ralph Sampson and Hakeem Olajuwan two name just two of his teammates. He shares some fun memories of his time in the league. We also had to have that discussion about who from back then would make it in today’s NBA. The answers may surprise you. We’ll even touch on the WNBA as Jim was a successful head coach in the WNBA as well. He’s a dear friend and one very talented guy. I think you’re going to enjoy the conversation.

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