Episode 88: NFL Teams Dealing With Covid Divide Plus Hall of Fame Thoughts

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The NFL began exhibition play with last night’s Hall of Fame game between the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers. That’s the good news, but there seems to be some serious issues with the league’s Covid-19 protocols. Several players have voiced their displeasure with the league, coaches have come down hard on their unvaccinated players and already many players have missed practice due to the league’s Covid protocol. What happens when they start playing games for real? Look at the QB’s who have missed action already including Lamar Jackson and Kirk Cousins. I also talk about fans…are we really sure we will have full stadiums this fall with the rise in cases across the country? I also spend a few minutes talking about this weekend’s Hall of Fame inductees including Tom Flores, Drew Pearson, Harold Carmichael and Peyton Manning.

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